Ugandan/British vocabulary

Not sure how much of this is Ugandan and how much is British, but this is how I’ll be talking when I come home:

shift = move. “The class that meets in Maari 3 will shift to Walker 4 this week.” Next week, we’re all done with shifting, and I’ll still be looking at my timetable to see where to be.
slope = take a hill; “let us slope down to the dining hall.” I have another snap of the Honours College, and it shows that the slopes to get in and out of the dorms resembles a BMX trail.
snap = photo
timetable = schedule, as in of classes
buns = rolls. I was eating breakfast with a girl from the Honours College, and we had buns for breakfast, rather than bread (the usual). When she called them buns, I asked what she called them, and explained that in the US we call them rolls. She looked perplexed and said, “well, they ARE round.”
bounce = meeting someone who doesn’t show; I assume it’s the same as being stood up.
revise = study. When I told someone that was a new word for me, they asked what we say for study. Well, we say “study.” Apparently here, that means reading. I need to inquire further, ’cause that distinction is lost on me.
shiny = hot. The sun is particularly shiny in the afternoon, hence my reluctance to go to town then.
nice = good. As in, “nice day!”
beep = one ring so as to not pay for the call (here, only the originating party pays for a phone call). When you’re beeped, you call back and incur the cost. Always wait to see if the phone rings twice. 🙂
pick = pick up. As in, I didn’t attend the women in ministry fellowship because there was no one to pick me. I would add that I also did not know where it was, but since it’s at 8:00 pm, no one wants me walking alone anyhow, so someone would need to pick me in order for me to attend.
looking/dressing smart = looking nice, well-dressed. We need to be smart for the first year students’ induction on Tuesday.

I’ll add as I encounter more.

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  1. Amy June 25, 2009 at 2:47 am #

    shift, snap, timetable and smart sound familiar to aussie slang. i particularly like "pick" for some reason….

  2. Anonymous May 29, 2009 at 5:41 pm #

    Love this! And yes, fill in more. I want to be able to understand you when you come home!


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