Receiving greetings

This week I’ve received several messages on different media from students past and present, which is always a joy.  They often contain some variation on “I’ve taken long without greeting you,” which reminds me how important relationships are here.  

One call was from Nicholas, who was in the first class I taught.  Often, people make associations based on names; I’ve been told everything from “you are the one who follows me” (meaning that Jesca is that person’s younger sister’s name) “you are my auntie” (because that is an auntie’s name), and my favorite, “you are my wife!” because that man’s wife’s name is Jesca.  I have to admit, that one was a bit harder to take!

So while trying to learn my students’ names that first semester, I told Nicholas that he is my godson, because I have a godson in Virginia with the same name.  Actually, they are quite similar:  both of these young men are very bright, hard working, and most of all, love Jesus.  That I get to be in their lives is a tremendous joy and blessing.

Ugandan Nicholas graduated in July, and due to a number of circumstances far outside his control, is waiting to be ordained while his classmates are preparing for their ordinations in December.  I had heard that Nicholas would be ordained in February, and I have been planning to make the journey to the far north.  He is my surrogate godson, after all!

So Nicholas called yesterday just to say hello.  I told him that I heard he was going to be ordained in February, and when he said that he thinks the ordination will occur then, I told him to keep me posted, because I’m planning to come.  He was a bit surprised, then replied, “eh! Yes, you have to come, because I’m your godson.”  

Yes, he is. 

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