Lost and found

When you’ve not seen someone in a while, you tell them, “you’re lost!”  I don’t quite understand the origin of the phrase, though I hear it a lot.  I’ve been lost from blogging because of the proposal, as well as all that goes into starting the academic year and the semester.

Today, as I was looking for an index in “A Century of Christianity in Uganda,” I noticed that there was a list of some of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) missionaries who served in Uganda.  There are only 693 names.  But look who I found (hint: it’s number 326):

At some point, I’d love to research who this other Miss J. Hughes was.  She was “only” in Uganda for two years, and I’m inferring that she had only intended to come for a short time; others who left “early” had reasons for their departure listed.
I’m rather intrigued by this mystery woman.  Hughes is a common surname, so I doubt we’re related, but wouldn’t that be amazing?

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