How to finish collecting your data

1. Get in the car to drive to chapel so you can go to Kampala directly after, and learn the battery is dead.
2. Wonder why you failed to get jumper cables after the last time you had to jump-start a car (not my own).
3. Freak out about getting to Kampala.
4. Go to chapel, then talk to colleagues who are level-headed enough to suggest getting a university driver to jump the battery so you can go to your mechanic for a new battery.
5. Whilst in the jam on the way to the mechanic, note that one of the guys hawking wares whilst walking the road is hawking jumper cables. Do not buy them.
6. Go to the mechanic, get a new battery installed. Rejoice. 
7. Since where you have to go is in the opposite side of a divided highway from where the mechanic is, go down, circle the roundabout, then go. back up where you first saw the hawking guys. But not the guy with the cables. Become slightly distressed. 
8. See the guy with the cables, and buy them.
9. Get to your next destination, which includes seeing your godson.  Again, rejoice. 
10. Get to the church hosting the focus group early in hopes of snagging the Assistant Vicar, which is the last outstanding interview. Find and interview her, thank you Jesus! Much rejoicing!
11. After starting about an hour late, conduct the last focus group, and pray that the ambient noise, like the music from the singing in the church and the goat nearby will make the recording usable. But it’s done, thank you Jesus!
12. Drive home in a jam worthy of Northern Virginia, but I am home with my data collected. THANK YOU JESUS!!  Incredible rejoicing!

Now the transcription must start in earnest. Dante neglected to include this as a level of hell, and since this isn’t a sin, I suppose it’s appropriate. But it’s some kind of pain and agony for sure. Help me, Jesus!

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