Having The Crud

The Crud finally caught up with me: fever, wicked sore throat, tenor voice, cough, sneezing. It’s just fabulous. I’ve been worn down the last couple weeks, and I assumed that all the sleep I’ve been getting had warded it off. You know the axiom about assuming…

So this morning, I dragged myself to class, but not chapel, so I could finish my lecture and prepare the students for the exam. The three minute downhill walk about did me in, so I’m going to skip the lecture part. 
I intentionally arrived early so I could catch my breath before finding a way to speak loud enough for 42 people to hear me over the construction next door, and one of the students was already in the room (meaning he wasn’t in chapel either). 
He saw me, and a huge smile broke out on his face as he said, “Thank God! We heard you were sick, and we’ve been praying for you.”
That absolutely warmed my heart. My students are fabulous. 
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