Please join me in thanking the Lord for His provision!  My hard drive was indeed irreparably harmed; I think the tech guy said something like “it’s dead, just like you said.”  So, they installed a new hard drive, loaded my backed-up data (two weeks old, but it’s something), and sent me on my merry way.  Thanks be to God, I even found my product key so that I could use my Microsoft products again.  I am one grateful missionary.

Apparently, I am also one memorable missionary.  While I was sitting in the waiting area, another one of the technicians came out and asked me if I was from UCU.  He just graduated in July, and played keyboards with one of the choirs, and he remembered seeing me in church.  We had a nice chat, and he invited me back to see what they were doing to the laptop, and even offered me coffee.

It’s one thing to know that I’m quite visible on campus, but it’s another thing to be recognized in Kampala in an entirely different context.  It’s also a humorous, yet vital, reminder that people see, and remember, me, so I need to take care with my words and actions.  While I know that’s remarkably obvious, I generally think of myself as a naturalized native, so I can forget that I stand out.  

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