A life overseas

Every once in a while, one of Facebook’s “if you liked that you might like this” is actually spot-on.  One of these suggestions is the blog “A Life Overseas,” written by a group of missionaries as an online missionary community.

I found this a couple weeks ago, which I believe is God-ordained, as I think I’m [finally] going through the usual missionary/cultural adjustment:  I’m different here, why doesn’t anyone think the way I do, etc.
Adjusting to the Dennisons leaving has been hard.  Awful.  Gut-wrenching.  I’m still working through it, and a lot slower than I would prefer.  This post was particularly helpful for me, and so well written.  
Growing up around DC, I’m accustomed to people moving in and out of my life.  I lived in the same area for four decades before I made a significant move (and what a move it was!), and while other expats have come and gone, this is the first really deeply significant friend loss I’ve had here.  I’m hating it.  
I’m glad that my head knows that God heals all wounds, because my heart just isn’t there yet.
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